Nail Treatment

The structure of human nails is similar to skin and hair in that they are composed of a brick and mortar arrangement of keratin protein filled dead cells imbedded in a lipid rich mortar. What is unique about nails is the thickness of this structure and that it is capable of absorbing much more water than skin or hair.

Why does it take so long to heal damaged nails?

When nails are damaged or deformed, it takes a lot of time for the body to repair the nail. That’s because nails grow from under your cuticles and any nail plate damage has to grow out. Most nails grow about 1mm per month so you can see that replacing damaged nails is an exercise in patience. Nails grow faster when you are young and growth slows with age.

What causes nail splitting and chipping and how do you fix it?

Many nail problems, such as splitting and chipping, are due to the nail plate drying out. Keeping nails pliable will go a long way to healing nails. Over my 30+ years practicing dermatology I’ve found Bag Balm to be the best remedy for splitting nails.

Because splitting nails are often accompanied by finger tip fissures and hand chapping, I have kits to heal all of these problems. Cover your hands and nails with cotton gloves for a deeply hydrating nail treatment at night. Apply Bag Balm after washing your hands during the day to help even more.

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  1. Bag Balm

    Bag Balm

    This is a time-honored healing ointment for severely chapped skin and dry brittle fingernails.
  2. Cotton Gloves

    Cotton Gloves

    A really good pair of cotton gloves is essential to help heal dry hands.
  3. Dr. Bailey's Dry Hand Skin Repair Kit  1131

    Dr. Bailey's Dry Hand Skin Repair Kit

    Dermatologist-recommended skin treatment for dry, chapped, painful hands and cracked fingertips.
  4. Dr. Bailey's Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit

    Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit

    This is the skin care routine I used while undergoing chemo treatments myself. I designed these kits to help chemo patients simplify one aspect of their chemotherapy self-care. Be confident that you are taking good care of your body’s largest organ while you undergo chemo. These are also the perfect gift to send to a friend or family member who is undergoing cancer treatment. 50% of the profits donated to cancer research.


View All 4 Products For This Search

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Nail Treatment
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