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Don’t use harsh soap that strips precious skin oils for hand washing. Put a gentle, but effective hand soap at every sink so that hand washing removes dirt, germs and grime but does not remove precious skin barrier components that you need to prevent hand chapping.

In my dermatology practice I see chapped hands every day that are due to this simple mistake. Chapped hands are called irritant hand dermatitis. The chapping may simply feel dry and tight, or it may progress to stinging, cracks, itching and pain. What you wash your hands with matters for preventing and treating irritant hand dermatitis!

You need to use your hands like gloves all day. You want them to stand up to holding rough or sharp objects, touching harsh chemicals like solvents and strong cleaners, even touching germs such as items in public places etc. You need a good hand barrier 24/7.  Don’t strip your hand’s natural barrier components with repeated contact to harsh hand soaps. Changing this one simple step will preserve you strong hand barrier integrity to resist dryness, chapping and splitting of your hand and finger skin.

Put the right hand soap next to every sink so that washing with a smart hand soap is easy. Ideally you want a gentle foaming soap because it will rinse off better. Retained soap residue will pull out essential skin barrier lipids and denature barrier protein. I have two natural foaming soaps and they sit at every sink where I commonly wash my hands in my house and office. Alternatively, you can use a pH balanced SYNDET – the classic gentle skin cleansers, such as VaniCream Bar Soap. I also have a gentle and natural bar soap rich in glycerin, a natural water holding ingredient.

Wash hands with warm water, not steamy hot water (hot water strips more oils). Lather soap on only the palm side of your hands unless the skin on the back of your hands is soiled too. Then rinse off all soap residue. Take special care to rinse all soap from the spaces between your fingers and behind your rings. Hand dermatitis often starts there from retained soap residue. When possible, apply hand cream right after toweling dry your freshly washed hands. It’s really that simple! Put one of my Foaming Hand Soaps or the two bar soaps at each sink where you commonly wash your hands. See what a difference it makes!

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  1. Dr. Bailey's All Natural Foaming Liquid Hand Soap™

    All Natural Foaming Liquid Hand Soap™

    Natural, organic, foaming liquid hand soap - the best type of non-drying cleanser for dry hands.
  2. Dr. Bailey's All Natural Lavender Foaming Hand Soap

    All Natural Lavender Foaming Hand Soap

    Gently scented with organic lavender essential oil. This is a luxurious and easy-rinse, foaming liquid formula with pleasant lavender essence. It is gentle for sensitive skin and the entire family, but tough on germs. Keep a bottle at every sink to keep your hands clean AND healthy.

  3. Dr. Bailey's Calming Zinc Soap

    Calming Zinc™

    My favorite skin cleanser! Naturally healing, unbelievably hydrating, and powerfully medicated to solve your skin problems.

  4. Vanicream Cleansing Bar  1156

    Vanicream Cleansing Bar

    Dermatologist-recommended hypoallergenic cleansing bar for extremely sensitive skin.
  5. Naturally Best Bar Soap for Dry Skin™  1155

    Naturally Best Bar Soap for Dry Skin™

    Unscented, glycerin-rich soap made with healing oats for your dry and sensitive skin.
  6. Dr. Bailey's Survival Kit for Busy Hands™

    Survival Kit for Busy Hands™

    Dermatologist−recommended skin treatment for dry, busy hands.
  7. Hand Care Kit for Naturally Busy Hands  1317

    Hand Care Kit for Naturally Busy Hands

    You know who you are, or who the people are in your life that never stop. Their rough and chapped hands tell the story of all that they do during the course of their busy lives.

    Give them (you) what they crave, healing for dry and chapped hands.

  8. Dr. Bailey's Dry Hand Skin Repair Kit  1131

    Dr. Bailey's Dry Hand Skin Repair Kit

    Dermatologist-recommended skin treatment for dry, chapped, painful hands and cracked fingertips.
  9. Dr. Bailey's Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit

    Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit

    This is the skin care routine I used while undergoing chemo treatments myself. I designed these kits to help chemo patients simplify one aspect of their chemotherapy self-care. Be confident that you are taking good care of your body’s largest organ while you undergo chemo. These are also the perfect gift to send to a friend or family member who is undergoing cancer treatment. 50% of the profits donated to cancer research.


View All 9 Products For This Search

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