Glycolic Acid Products

Glycolic acid is one of the best and fastest acting skin care ingredients for younger looking skin.

But, not all glycolic acid products work equally well. 

What can glycolic acid do for your skin?

A good glycolic acid product can help you to get rid of wrinkles, crepey skin, lighten age spots, smooth crusty skin barnacles or unclog pores. Learn why, and find the best products to brighten your complexion and treat wrinkles, age spots, and acne all at once.

For non-prescription anti-aging skin care, glycolic acid products are the best for fixing many of the most stubborn skin problems that occur as your skin ages. Add a broad spectrum zinc oxide sunscreen along with the right professional glycolic acid product and you have a powerful anti-aging skin care routine.

We love professional level glycolic acid products in my office because they are:

  • One of the best non-prescription anti-aging wrinkle creams you can use.
  • One of the best products to unclog your pores and fight blackheads and acne.
  • A skin brightener that works almost overnight by exfoliating and enhancing your skin using natural chemistry to reshape the outer dead skin cell layer in a way that almost polishes it to a shiny lustre. This means you can get instant gratification when you add glycolic acid to your skin care!
  • A deep skin hydrator to give you more youthful, supple and hydrated skin. It does this by stimulating your skin to produce hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is natural and important for moist, healthy skin that looks its best.
  • An excellent skin lightener that works by sloughing dead cells which hold excess melanin in melasma, age spots and skin barnacles. When patients ask me how to remove age spots and fight irregular skin pigment on the face and body skin I always incorporate glycolic acid into their complete skin care routine.

Glycolic acid is available in professional strength products as facial and body creams and lotions. When you use these products in your complete skin care routine they act as powerful skin lightening products that fight crepey skin, wrinkles and skin roughness, moisturize dry skin and brighten skin tone.   

With so many benefits, you can see why glycolic acid is an important component in so many facial and body skin care products.

What is glycolic acid?

It is an alpha hydroxy acid that actually comes from nature. Yep, glycolic acid comes from sugar cane. It’s one of the alpha hydroxy acids that people have used since Cleopatra’s time.

How do you tell if a glycolic acid product will work?

Don’t be fooled. Not all glycolic acid products deliver results. Product pH and free acid content determine effectiveness. You can’t tell this from reading the product label. Only the lab that made the product knows this information and it takes effort to find it.

Even if the percentage of glycolic acid is listed on a product you still don’t have enough information to judge a glycolic acid product. It’s the chemistry of all the ingredients together that determines how much ‘free’ glycolic acid is in a product to fix your skin problems.

My glycolic acid creams and lotions have high ‘free acid’ content; they are the most powerful products available for home use. These are the products that I’ve used to treat my patients for years in my dermatology practice. My family and I have also used these products for years. In fact, my entire family has at least one of these glycolic acid products in their personal complete skin care routine.  

I’m a big glycolic acid fan. I've watched products come and go and change over the years and I know that the glycolic acid products I have on are the best available. Without fail, these products deliver the best results for all those benefits I listed above.

How do you pick the right glycolic acid product for your facial skin type?

Pick your facial glycolic acid skin care products based on your skin type (oily, dry, normal, or combination skin). Add one of my zinc oxide sunscreens, also based on your skin type, and you have a powerful anti-aging skin care routine that will transform your complexion and fight the signs of skin aging over the course of your lifetime. To make your choices simple I have a Glycolic Acid Facial Skin Care Kit that fits all skin types. It provides your glycolic acid cleanser and oil-free cream in 3 different strengths. Start at 10% and work up as your skin adjusts. 

How do you combine glycolic acid products with other acne and anti-aging products?

Finally, if your goal is to use the most powerful anti-aging products possible for your skin, consider combining one of my Glycolic Acid Kits with my Retinol Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream.

Use your Glycolic Acid Kit products during the day followed by one of my Facial Zinc Oxide Sunscreens and use the Retinol Cream at night. If you have really tolerant skin you can layer the Retinol Cream followed by the Glycolic Acid Cream at night.

To get every single proven age-fighting ingredient into your complete facial skin care routine, you will want to combine:

  1. My Antioxidant Antiaging Skin Care Kit
  2. A Glycolic Acid Kit 
  3. Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

Use the Antioxidant Antiaging Kit during the day. Use the Glycolic Acid Kit products at night, layered over the Retinol.  Sensitive skin complexions may need to work up to this powerful routine. My kits come with instructions for step-up therapy to build skin fitness. 

This really is the best of the best from science and nature for today's intelligent anti-aging skin care. Whether you choose glycolic acid alone or in combination with my Antioxidant Kit and/or my Retinol Cream, the results are astounding!

What is the best way to use glycolic acid on your body skin?

My Ultra Fast AHA Glycolic Acid Body Smoothing Skin Care Kit comes with everything you need. Add a broad spectrum zinc oxide body sunscreen daily and you are set.

Know that all the other proven age-fighting ingredients such as vitamin C and Retinol are difficult to formulate into products that have meaningful penetration through thick body skin. This means that your best results are going to come from using powerful professional glycolic acid products like those in my Glycolic Acid Body Kit.

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    Glycolic Acid Face and Body Wash

    This rich soap-free cleanser brightens your complexion and leaves your skin silky smooth and ready for your treating and correcting products. Ideal for all skin types including oily skin because it gently but thoroughly removes product, oil, dirt and debris from the skin surface.


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