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The right way to use your makeup is to create a look, hide complexion flaws, and enhance your facial features. Don't be fooled by makeup that tries to be something more, because multitasking makeup products typically fall short and your complexion will suffer.

Apply makeup as the art that goes on top of your complete skin care routine. I teach my patients to look at their skin care as:

  • Your complete skin care routine gives you the perfect 'blank' canvas
  • Your collection of beautiful makeup is your collection of inspiring 'art supplies'

That's really the essence of using makeup. I always cringe when I see makeup trying to be more than it is -- an acne treatment, a sunscreen, or infused with a magic ingredient to stimulate 'cell turnover' or 'nourish' all those dead cells on the outside of your skin.

Most importantly, makeup that tries to be sunscreen is just plain scary; sun protection depends on putting enough product on, and you don't want to be limited by your aesthetic goals with your makeup. Tinted sunscreen is a much safer choice.

Tinted sunscreens are sunscreens with a little color, not color with a little sunscreen! The products I carry give you the broad spectrum mineral sun protection you need for anti-aging skin care, as well as for treating your uneven skin color and fighting skin cancer. The tinted products are a great base coat for under your makeup, or for giving you just enough tinting to soften complexion flaws without makeup. They look natural, not like makeup, when applied.

When you dust mineral makeup on top of one of my sunscreens, you have an additional 'shield' of minerals to bounce UV rays off your skin before they wreak their havoc.

What makeup routine is best for you?

If you want to soften complexion flaws subtly, wear one of the tinted sunscreens and see if that gives you enough coverage. Use Sheer Strength Pure Physical Sunscreen if you have oily or acne-prone skin. Try Suntegrity 5 in 1 BB Cream SPF 30 if you have dry skin.

If you need more coverage, add a dusting of my beautiful Baked, Pressed, or Loose mineral powders. I also carry beautiful mineral blush powder to enhance the rosy vitality of your complexion's appearance. 

I have beautiful mineral eye makeup and again, know that a dusting of mineral eye makeup on top of your broad spectrum mineral sunscreen will add additional UV protection for this delicate and important area.

I include Self Tanner as one of your makeup tools, too. With all the smart sun protection you are doing, you can give your skin a safe bronze glow with the right Self Tanner. The Avene product is ideal for sensitive facial skin. It's what I use when I want a little golden glow.

Keep your beautiful makeup art supplies in a lovely silk bag. These bags are like none other in that they are fair-trade and well priced, so it's win-win. Your makeup routine is even more pleasurable when you unzip your tools from inside the lovely silk. And, how is your brush set? My cruelty-free and eco-friendly brushes come with their own wrapped bundle, and are as soft on your skin as they are for our planet. 

Feel good about your complexion and enjoy your makeup routine -- it's an important part of your daily self-care. Like what you see in the mirror, and know you are using the best products for your all around skin care when you add these fine mineral makeups on top of your complete skin care routine. 

Why is my mineral makeup unique?

It's ultra-fine and triple milled for the most 'naturally flawless' and long-lasting coverage available -- experience the difference!

Well-made mineral makeup can be 3 products in 1: foundation, powder, and concealer -- truly elegant simplicity for your makeup regimen.

Unlike most makeup, my powders are so light that they don't leave heavy flakes or a powdered look on your skin. They give you just the even skin color and tone that you want, because the tiny particles dust onto your skin so completely, and without clumping. Your complexion will have a softer, more natural finish and more complete, long-lasting coverage than you get from conventional makeup. Use them alone, over tinted sunscreen, or on top of your favorite liquid foundation for the final delicate finishing touch to your look.

Why is Dr. Bailey Skin Care's mineral makeup the best choice for your skin?

It's gentle for even the most sensitive skin

Mineral makeup is the best makeup for almost all skin types, including people with acne, oily complexions, and/or sensitive skin. Mineral makeup is what I recommend to all my dermatology patients who wear cosmetics. 

It's natural

The best mineral makeup powder is naturally free of fillers, preservatives, and irritating chemicals. Use just the mineral pigments without the fillers to create the look you want. It's the elegant simplicity of 'intelligent skin care' that blends science and nature to create your healthiest, most beautiful skin.

It has anti-aging benefits for your skin

Mineral makeup gives your skin added sun protection, which is the key to true anti-aging skin care. That's because the mineral particles help bounce harmful UV sun rays off your skin in the same way a mineral sunscreen does. Apply mineral makeup over one of my SPF 30+ mineral sunscreens with high-tech zinc oxide, and you've got the best everyday sun protection possible. Stop the clock and enjoy healthy, great looking skin for years!

It has no nano-particles that you could breathe

There is some concern that breathing the free airborne nano mineral particles found in some types of mineral makeups may not be good for your lungs. I never recommend it. The fine texture of my powders comes from the milling process, not nano technology. To protect your lungs, I recommend using only liquid products with nano mineral protection. I never recommend using powders with nano particles. 

It looks beautiful on your skin

Your makeup should cover your skin imperceptibly but completely, without leaving you with a powdered look. My makeup lets you control your skin color and even-out any flaws in your complexion, but it never leaves you covered in powder flakes for everyone to see. Choose one of my targeted skin care regimens to correct your skin problems, and control your skin color with my mineral makeup, and you've made a smart choice to blend the best of science and nature available from today's top skin care advances.

Isn't all makeup really mineral makeup?

Yes, BUT the difference is in the proportions of minerals to the 'other stuff'. It's the 'other stuff' that creates irritation, allergic skin reactions, clogged pores, acne, etc. Go straight for the minerals and avoid the fillers and fluff. Apply the minerals on top of your complete skin care routine and you've got the best, smartest skin care for healthy and beautiful skin.

Yes, that means that I recommend using skin care products from your targeted skin care regimen; makeup is your art -- your 'color coat' for creating a look or covering complexion flaws. Makeup products that claim to 'treat pimples', 'moisturize', act as a sunscreen, 'treat wrinkles' or age spots, etc., cause more problems than they fix. Steer clear of them.

Remember your daily skin care steps are:

  1. Cleanse to remove oil, dirt, and product from your skin surface
  2. Correct skin problems by applying your therapeutic products
  3. Hydrate to balance skin moisture with a moisturizer selected for your skin type
  4. Protect by applying a broad spectrum sunscreen

Apply makeup as your finishing 'color coat' for your aesthetic goals.

I carry a variety of formulations and a nice range of colors to blend flawlessly with your skin tone and type. I also carry mineral eye shadow and blushes in a variety of colors to complete your look. Click here for my aesthetician's Makeup Color Matching Guide to find the right makeup for your skin tone.

Let Dr. Bailey help.
Pick products from 1) Cleanse, 2) Correct, 3) Hydrate, 4) Protect.
Build your complete skin care regimen here!

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  1. Silk Cosmetic Bag and Evening Clutch  1218

    Silk Cosmetic Bag and Evening Clutch

    Let yourself be spoiled. You invest in quality makeup; don't just toss it in the drawer. Keep your favorite cosmetics in this lovely, handmade, artisan cosmetic bag - a simple and affordable luxury that you deserve.

  2. Avene Moisturizing Self-Tanning Lotion for Sensitive Skin

    Avene Moisturizing Self-Tanning Lotion for Sensitive Skin

    My favorite Self-Tanning product.

  3. Makeup Brush Set  1196

    Makeup Brush Set

    Beautiful, economical, and ethically sourced professional brush set and tasteful tie pouch.
  4. Baked Mineral Trio Eye Shadow

    Baked Mineral Trio Eye Shadow™

    Luscious, creaseless, long lasting shimmery color. Do you love your eye makeup? I do, and it's because this is what I use every day!

  5. Pressed Mineral Makeup Powder™  1216

    Pressed Mineral Makeup Powder™

    Long-lasting, full coverage in a matte finish that won’t flake or cake.

  6. Suntegrity 5-in-1 BB Cream SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizing Facial Sunscreen  1208

    Suntegrity 5-in-1 BB Cream SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizing Facial Sunscreen

    This luscious and all natural face cream is my absolute new favorite face sunscreen! Natural, broad-spectrum mineral zinc oxide protection that feels and looks so good on your skin that you'll want to wear it 24/7.

  7. Dr. Bailey's Baked Mineral Powder™

    Baked Mineral Powder™

    Hydrating mineral powder for a luminous, velvety finish to your skin.

  8. Loose Mineral Makeup Blush™

    Loose Mineral Makeup Blush™

    Two lovely, soft shades to invoke a natural looking, delicate health-radiating glow to your skin (without the sun!).

  9. Mineral Makeup Loose Powder Eye Shadow™

    Mineral Makeup Loose Powder Eye Shadow™

    Long lasting and creaseless eye shadows with a velvety-smooth, natural finish.

  10. Sheer Strength Pure Physical Tinted Matte Sunscreen, SPF 50™  1217

    Sheer Strength Pure Physical Tinted Matte Sunscreen, SPF 50™

    Oil-free and oil control ultra-light and tinted matte technology in a hypoallergenic sunscreen – it’s the holy grail for oily and sensitive skin AND it’s elegant for all skin types too! Contains iron oxide too making it the best sunscreen for melasma. 

  11. EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 Sunscreen

    EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 Sunscreen

    Completely oil free and ultra light feel on the skin make this sunscreen a marvel. Perfect for oily to normal and acne prone skin. Comes with either a clear or tinted option to help soften complexion flaws for all skin types.

  12. Dr. Bailey's Natural Lip Balm

    Natural Lip Balm

    Certified organic for safe and natural hydration you can trust. Protects, hydrates and helps to heal chapped lips. Great for the entire family.

  13. blinc Amplified Black Mascara

    blinc Amplified Black Mascara

    Tubule technology that solves smudging and smearing that leads to mascara raccoon eyes!

  14. Raw Elements Tinted SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen  1309

    Raw Elements Tinted SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

    Raw Elements is the highest performance sunscreen I’ve ever found. A product that’s perfect for your most rigorous athletic activities in intense sun exposure circumstances. Reef safe too.

  15. Suntegrity Lip C.P.R. SPF Sunscreen Lipstick  1310

    Suntegrity Lip C.P.R. SPF Sunscreen Lipstick

    Natural non-nano mineral zinc oxide sun protection in a deeply hydrating base for your delicate lip skin. Prevent skin cancer and future wrinkles with daily use of sunscreen. That means lips too. Ever notice older lips are pale, shriveled, dry and chapped all the time. That’s sun damage. Just say no by wearing lip sun protection 365 days a year.

  16. Dr. Bailey Sheer Strength Pure Physical Invisible Sunscreen, SPF 50™ Broad Spectrum Protection

    Sheer Strength Pure Physical Invisible Sunscreen, SPF 50™ Broad Spectrum Protection

    Enjoy an oil free, non-whitening and “light as air” feel on your skin. Pure mineral zinc-oxide protection that’s perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

  17. Loose Mineral Makeup Powder Foundation™

    Loose Mineral Makeup Powder Foundation™

    Silky and oil absorbing for a light weight matte finish. Use alone or as a finishing powder.


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