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Lip cosmetics enhance the look of your lips. Smart lip cosmetics will also keep your lips healthy – meaning they will prevent sun damage and chapping. All of your lip products also need to be appropriate for ingesting, because what’s on your lips is going to make its way into your body. That means, lip cosmetics should contain no harmful ingredients, such as heavy metals or dubious chemicals.

My lip cosmetic products are safe AND they have passed my dermatologist health advocate scrutiny.

There are so many lip products I would NOT recommend that you put on your lips. These are products with the notoriously common heavy metals, preservatives, fragrances or artificial dyes and flavorings that just don’t belong on your lips or in your body.

I give you lip products that are hypoallergenic and non-toxic – whether you want color or a shine, it’s here.

The 3 biggest health problems that can happen to your lip skin (called the vermilion mucosa) are:

  1. Sun damage (called actinic damage) that leads to precancerous cells and lip cancer. This is often worse on the lower lip.
  2. Chapping from wind and environmental elements. This is often worse on the lower lip and the edge of the upper lip (called the vermillion border).
  3. Allergic reactions (called allergic cheilitis) that looks and feels like intense chapping, but it involves both the upper and lower lip. The allergic reactions occur to allergens you ingest, and to lip balms and lip products.

I’ve got you covered! My dermatologist’s view on lips means that my lip products are deeply hydrating, hypoallergenic, help damaged lip skin heal, and they protect lips from UV damage. Smart lip products that also look good on your lips.

Yep, you will find mineral zinc oxide SPF in most of my hypoallergenic lip products, because lip cancer is something you don’t want.

Did you know that your bottom lip gets a huge amount of sun exposure over the course of your lifetime? I freeze lip precancers and diagnose lip skin cancer all too commonly. I have pigmented lipsticks and glossy lip sunscreens that have the right ingredients and no ‘wrong’ ingredients.

Did you know that this sun damage on your lips causes them to become scaly, dry and lose their youthful rosy color, becoming grayish white?

It’s true too!

Protect your lips from the sun 365 days a year using mineral zinc oxide lip products that are as elegant as they are smart.

Did you know that you can be ‘addicted’ to lip balm and glosses?

It’s true too!

That’s because many lip balm and gloss products contain allergens that give your lips a chapped feel that leads you to apply more lip balm or gloss to sooth the scaly dry feeling. 

Always use hypoallergenic lip care products to prevent getting 'addicted' to lip balm.

Find trustworthy lip products here – products that have color, and products that act as gloss. I’ve also included my 100% organic and natural lip balm. Use it as a night treatment so that you wake up each morning with healthy and moist lips, ready to look great under your lip cosmetics.

Let Dr. Bailey help.
Pick products from 1) Cleanse, 2) Correct, 3) Hydrate, 4) Protect.
Build your complete skin care regimen here!

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  1. Suntegrity Lip C.P.R. SPF Sunscreen Lipstick  1310

    Suntegrity Lip C.P.R. SPF Sunscreen Lipstick

    Natural non-nano mineral zinc oxide sun protection in a deeply hydrating base for your delicate lip skin. Prevent skin cancer and future wrinkles with daily use of sunscreen. That means lips too. Ever notice older lips are pale, shriveled, dry and chapped all the time. That’s sun damage. Just say no by wearing lip sun protection 365 days a year.

  2. Vanicream Lip Protectant  1255

    Vanicream Lip Protectant

    A popular dermatologist-recommended hypoallergenic lip balm and sunscreen - all together in one product.

  3. Dr. Bailey's Natural Lip Balm

    Natural Lip Balm

    Certified organic for safe and natural hydration you can trust. Protects, hydrates and helps to heal chapped lips. Great for the entire family.


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