Anti-Aging Body Skin Care

The most common skin problems associated with age are easily treated and prevented with complete skin care. The improvement can be dramatic and fast when you know what to do – and that starts with understanding what happens to your skin as it ages:

  • Your body skin will become much more dry and scaly, especially on your arms and legs.
  • It will also thin, but most of the thinning is actually due to sun exposure.
  • The thinning and dryness can lead to crepey skin changes.
  • Sun exposure is responsible for the age spots that are flat and brown (a.k.a., ‘liver spots’).
  • Sun exposure is also responsible for the fragility of skin, especially on the back of forearms and front of the shins.
  • Seborrheic keratosis lesions (a.k.a., ‘barnacles’) are another common aging skin problem and the cause is unknown. These are warty, crusty, salmon/brown-colored growths that can appear anywhere on the skin.
  • Excessive dryness, left untreated, will lead to a type of eczema called nummular or asteatotic eczema (which is due entirely to dryness).
  • Other skin problems worsen with age, including seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, skin fold rash called intertrigo, dry and scaly feet (with or without athlete’s foot fungus infection), etc.!

It sounds overwhelming, but know that many of the remedies for aging skin problems are similar. Use the 4 steps of complete skin care to have healthy, attractive, and comfortable skin that fends off these problems.

  1. Cleanse dry skin using only gentle soaps and cleansers, such as my Naturally Best Bar Soap or VaniSoap. For crusty age spots and excessive roughness or scale, exfoliate and add Glytone Body Wash. Fight dandruff with my Foaming or Calming Zinc ® Products.
  2. Correct skin problems like age spots with my Glycolic Acid products. I’ve put my all-time favorite skin routine products for aging skin into a kit called my Glycolic Acid Body Skin Care Kit. It will fight many of the problems I just listed above.
  3. Hydrate all areas prone to dryness and crepey-ness with one of my moisturizers. Again, my Glycolic Acid Body Skin Care Kit has a great moisturizer for dryness-prone aging skin.
  4. Protect with broad spectrum mineral zinc sunscreens 365 days a year, applying to all exposed skin. Sun causes thinning and fragility that can always get worse, so prevention is critical for healthy skin as you age. Don’t forget the scalp when it comes to sun protection. My Sheer Strength Pure Mineral Spray Sunscreen is ideal for hairy areas of skin.

See my products below and build your complete skin care routine based on which skin problems you have or to which you are prone. Get amazing results with a complete skin care routine built from only the best ingredients, proven effective by thousands of my patients – and on my own aging skin, too. The good news is that although we are getting older, we can effectively treat and pamper our skin with a little TLC!

Let Dr. Bailey help.
Pick products from 1) Cleanse, 2) Correct, 3) Hydrate, 4) Protect.
Build your complete skin care regimen here!

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  1. Women's Sun Protection Bucket Hats  1250

    Women's Sun Protection Bucket Hats

    Lightweight, cool, and breathable cloth UPF 50 sun protection hats. Get in the habit of wearing this broad−brimmed hat along with your broad spectrum sunscreen − proven effective in the prevention of skin cancer and premature aging. Fits your head perfectly with its clever, adjustable inner brim cord. Highly packable too and makes a great gift!
  2. Naturally Best Bar Soap for Dry Skin™  1155

    Naturally Best Bar Soap for Dry Skin™

    Unscented, glycerin-rich soap made with healing oats for your dry and sensitive skin.
  3. Vanicream Cleansing Bar  1156

    Vanicream Cleansing Bar

    Dermatologist-recommended hypoallergenic cleansing bar for extremely sensitive skin.
  4. Dr. Bailey's Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit

    Chemotherapy Skin Care Kit

    This is the skin care routine I used while undergoing chemo treatments myself. I designed these kits to help chemo patients simplify one aspect of their chemotherapy self-care. Be confident that you are taking good care of your body’s largest organ while you undergo chemo. These are also the perfect gift to send to a friend or family member who is undergoing cancer treatment. 50% of the profits donated to cancer research.

  5. Men's Khaki Performance Hat  1312

    Men's Khaki Performance Hat

    These stylish and high-performance men's microfiber hats have a breathable mesh lining and a 3 1/4" brim. They fit perfectly and won't blow off because they have both an adjustable chin strap and an adjustable brim strap to hold them securely to your head.


    Out of stock

  6. Kid's Hat (Boys and Girls)  1313

    Kid's Hat (Boys and Girls)

    Good looking and high-performance sun protection for kids.


    Out of stock

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Anti-Aging Skin Concerns
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